Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All About Shelters

"When adopting a pet, consider your local animal shelter. Animal shelters take in those that are abandoned, found wandering, or are without apparent owners and causing a nuisance. Shelters adopt animals, and some euthanize animals that aren't adopted or adoptable. Some animal shelters are no-kill shelters that don't routinely euthanize animals (unless, in some cases, the animals are ill or dangerous), but that also means they turn away many animals.

The shelters usually operate as city or county agencies and often are located in dedicated facilities where potential adopters can go to look at the animals. People who are searching for lost pets also go there in hopes that animal control has dropped off their pets at the facility."

The Magic Critter Bus

Check it out here.

Adopt A Pet Headquarters

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alpha99wolf said...

The Adopting a Pet? Uncovering Basics of Animal Shelters is excellent. Didn't realize there was a book called "Adopting a Pet for Dummies." Many of us, including myself, didn't know the distinctions between shelters, agencies, etc. This is important for all of us to know. Thank you for this information. Great job!