Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Animal Rescue

"Animal Rescue was founded in 1976, by Grace Froelich as a result of being given the alternative to either give up her beloved cat or face eviction. Grace's philosophy is that an animal is a companion pet that is a member of the family, and deserves the same respect and considerations.

So, faced with that decision, Grace went to look for a new home, one where she would not have to make a choice to give up her pet. She bought a place, now affectionately nicknamed the "farm". After she bought her new home, the strays started showing up. A dog here, a cat there. She would feed them and let them stay. She felt strongly that they should never be homeless again. She eventually moved to adopting out some of them if she knew a good home looking for a new pet. And that is how it started. Animal Rescue, Inc is set up to a forever home for the homeless. Grace stands by her initial mission that they will never be homeless again. There will always be a home at the farm for them. Hopefully, they will find a conventional home to be a part of a loving family but if they never find a home, they can live as part of the Animal Rescue family.

Animal Rescue is dedicated to these animals that are waiting for a home or never find a home."


alpha99wolf said...

God Bless Grace Froelich! She lives what she believes. What a generous heart she has. There are many of us who would love to do that very thing. In my case, I would love to have land as a sanctuary for wolves. Maybe one day. We can all start in our small comfort zone by supporting these rescue agencies wherever we can.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks wolfie. I would love to have some land for rescuing pets too. I'd have as many as I could.