Friday, February 22, 2008

Shame On Miller Beer

I received this comment recently to another post here and I'd like to share it. I hope to talk more about this tomorrow but wanted to post a scan of this flyer now.

Thanks, Jason, for the information and scan.

"Unfortunately, there are some out there who think it is OK to diminish efforts to rescue lost and homeless pets in order to further their own agenda. I recently came across a lost dog flyer that had on it pictures of a dalmatian and pleas to help find him. But the number on the flyer actually connected me to a recorded phone message that was a pitch to drink Miller Lite beer. I guess it is related to their television ads that feature dals, but it really upset me on a number of levels. How many people will refrain from helping find a lost pet because they got burned by this promotion? And what is the Miller company saying about the work of rescue organizations and people working hard to rescue animals?"

Miller Is Wrong


terocious said...

They had an already unsavory campaign about a dalmation and a beer truck so they just could not resist taking it to the next viral level. Well, they should have. As corporate responsibility goes this is abonimable. I would stop drinking Miller products if I had them in my house to begin with. It would be interesting to take note of what else is owned by SAB Miller.

Animals Need Help Blog said...

It is a shame on Miller beer to tug on our heartstrings to sell their beer. We have a blog similar to yours and I like to mix it up with some humor but this is pretty sad. I just created a post about companies that support animal testing if you want to take a look. Thanks for helping to get the word out about animal cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Using a lost dog's situation to gain Miller-drinking customers is atrocious. It's not funny when a seriously hurting family loses their dog & is counting on flyers to find it. It demeans the venues available for families to find lost pets. It is an insult to the seriousness of losing a pet.


siyerwin said...

thanks for posting this and sharing the flyer. will also post an update about this in my blog very soon.

rachelm said...

I am so mad at Miller!! I was in New Jersey last week visiting family. My 6-yr old daughter and I were out and saw these flyers, and my daughter was so sad. We had our lab go missing about 7 mos ago. My daughter said maybe we should no go grocery shopping but help the family find their dog. Then I read that it is a MARKETING SCHEME by Miller????? What is wrong with these people?? I am so turned off by this company.

Jericho Returns said...

rachelm, thanks for your comment. I agree this is a disgusting marketing ploy for Miller to use. If I were a beer drinker I would never buy their brand.

sherwin said...

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