Sunday, February 17, 2008

Faith In Man

"Delaware County is hoping that man will be a lost dog's best friend.

Such faith in humankind underpins a new Web site that allows anyone discovering a mislaid pet to try to instantly find the pooch's true master."

"If you´re a pet owner, you know how it feels when your beloved pet looks at you with total trust and faith. People who share their lives with dogs know adoration; those who share their lives with cats know acceptance. All pet lovers know humor, and ultimately, they know tears. There is an acknowledged bond between humans and the creatures who love them and the expression of that bond may be greatest among those involved with animal rescue."

"The problem of abandoned and unwanted pets is not unique to Toronto. A recent Toronto Star article, however, has highlighted the plight of abandoned animals who may no longer be collected by City of Toronto shelters due to budget concerns, ultimately leading to an overflow of dogs and cats in neighbouring municipalities. According to the article, one of the biggest fears is an explosion in the feral feline population, since—as everyone knows—cats are raging sexaholics if left un-neutered or unspayed."

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alpha99wolf said...

Animal Rescue workers are animal angels. It must be so difficult to experience not only the joys of helping animals, but the sorrows of having to euthanize so many. This was a very good article, giving insight to the rescue workers. Thank you.