Monday, April 28, 2008


Thank you for this information, wolfie.

"BREAKING NEWS: At least 37 wolves have been killed in the northern Rockies since federal delisting took effect. Earthjustice, recognizing that our courts are the best chance to reverse this tragic decision, filed its case to stop the killing on April 28. The USFWS failed to take into account basic principles of conservation biology, disregarded its own policies, and departed from past practice in delisting the wolf. Stay tuned for more news...


The wolf's amazing comeback in the northern Rockies is one of our country's greatest wildlife success stories. But it may be dangerously short-lived now that the federal government issued a rule that permits wolf killing in the northern Rockies. This decision heralds the beginning of a larger plan to allow large-scale slaughters of more than 80% of the wolf population.


Cynthia Blue said...

It's very sad. Very sad they are killing the wolves. :(

Jericho Returns said...

It breaks my heart. Thank you for commenting.