Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"MEDICANIMAL, after launching the business to provide premium pet care at affordable prices six months ago, is now one of the fastest-growing animal health retailers on the world-wide-web.

Andrew Bucher MRCVS and Ivan Retzignac founded MedicAnimal; two people with one goal, to provide not just affordable animal healthcare, but also care with a conscience.

Andrew Bucher, a veterinary surgeon, said: “We set up MedicAnimal because we both had the same philosophy, pet healthcare should be affordable, convenient, and can only be socially responsible if it is in collaboration with vets and charities.

“MedicAnimal is the socially conscious alternative to the largely commercial driven online pet pharmacies that seek to grow at the expense of vet practices. We vowed, from the start, that we would grow only through the support of vets and that our success would benefit animal charities world-wide. That’s why from the start, we partnered with some of the UK’s largest veterinary clinic groups and committed ourselves to donating 5% of profits to animal charities.”

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