Friday, May 2, 2008

Animal Companions

"Companion animals can enrich our lives in an almost endless number of ways. Whether greeting us enthusiastically at the door, keeping us company on daily jogs or simply entertaining us with their play, sharing your life with a pet is a great way to increase the length and improve the quality of your life. For all they add to our lives, we owe it to them to do all we can for them in return. One of the ways to ensure your animal companion enjoys a long, happy life is to avoid the pitfalls of the most common pet-parenting mistakes:"

"Considering getting a cat for a pet? Adopting a stray can be a good option if you keep a few things in mind. Stray cats can present unusual and sometimes difficult problems to those who adopt them. Cat behaviors are often misunderstood. You should take care and have a great deal of understanding if you want to turn a feral cat into a content house cat."

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