Thursday, May 1, 2008

Black Dog Syndrome

I have posted about Black Dog Syndrome previously but feel it's important enough to mention again.

"We at Pet Haven believe that big black dogs are beautiful. We do our best to rescue and re-home as many as we can. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked. Recently on there was an article on Black Dog Syndrome. According to wikipedia, 'black dog syndrome' refers to low adoption rates and high euthanasia rate of black dogs (and cats) in shelters across the country. We need to educate the public and we need to do all we can to help these beautiful black dogs, with a strike against them simply because they are black. Pet Haven will be partnering with Heather Rosenwald who is the founder of a new website that will be launched soon

"How will you choose your next family dog? Perhaps look in the newspaper for advertisements from breeders who are selling new puppies, or find breeders via listings on the internet? Hopefully you would avoid purchasing a puppy from a local pet store, as a large proportion of these dogs come from puppy mills. Perhaps the best method, in terms of being helpful to society in general, is to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter."


Forest said...

I never even thought of such a thing!!!

This house has 3 black cats and I thought it was a desirable thing. They are beautiful, but pains in the arse!!!

Moonie said...
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