Saturday, March 15, 2008

800 Dogs ?

"Two old people…. one triple-wide trailer… 800 poor little dogs?!? What the hell??

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is stretched beyond its limits today after rescuing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of small dogs from an elderly couple who was running the puppy-mill to end all puppy-mills in Pima County, AZ."

"When you adopt your first dog, there are plenty of important things you won't know, and many of those mysteries have to do with your new pet's health. Not all vets want to help us lay folk understand those mysteries (it's potentially more lucrative to keep people in the dark), so often we wind up learning them the hard way: after a few expensive trips to the emergency animal hospital. But Karen "Doc" Halligan is one of the few vets who want to help us stay out of her office. And her book, an excellent health primer and reference guide for the first-time dog owner, does exactly that."

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alpha99wolf said...

800 dogs, and according to the news report, some dogs chewed their paws off. Lately, my faith in humanity is zilch. How can anyone put the almighty dollar before the lives of animals? I hope the people get punished and wish the laws were more strict regarding crimes against animals.