Thursday, March 13, 2008

Help Protect The Wolves

"With last week’s primary wins in Texas and Ohio, Senator John McCain is the last Republican presidential candidate standing.

Unfortunately, one name being circulated as a possible pick for his Vice President is someone who has made the slaughter of wolves a personal goal... first-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Wildlife conservation is not a partisan issue. Tell Governor Palin that you believe that no one should support her in a bid for the Vice Presidency or any office until she cleans up her act."

Sign the petition here.


alpha99wolf said...

Thank you, Jane, for this important article. Your timing is perfect. If you hadn't had this article, I was going to send you the petition from Defenders of Wildlife. I have signed the petition. So far, 56 innocent wolves have been killed in aerial shootings. The wolves don't have a chance. Their collars give a signal that the plane follows. The pilot then chases the wolf until it tires & takes shots at various areas of the wolf. Not a one-shot kill. More like torture. Governor Palin supports this barbaric slaughter. If Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is chosen as John McCain's VP, then I will be telling everyone I know to vote Democratic. Despite petitions and votes by the Alaskan people to protect the wolves and ban aerial gunning, Governor Sarah Palin ignored the voice of the people. Please - sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

Interesting information. Glad I know about Sarah Palin's involvement and crusade to kill wolves. Unless she changes her stance, and if McCain chooses her, I won't be voting Republican. McCain is making a wrong decision. It makes me wonder what his opinion of slaughtering wolves is.

Anonymous said...

I just signed the petition. Thank you for this great info. Looks like McCain ought to re-think his choice for VP and put a stop to this killing.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Because of Sarah Palin's viewpoint and killing of wolves, we cancelled our Alaskan Cruise plans. We also have convinced others not to vacation in Alaska. Maybe loss of tourist money will change Sarah Palin's view. If she won't listen to her own state's public, what makes anyone think she will listen to the whole country?
-JoJo & Mike -

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you all for commenting. I will not vote for McCain either because of this.

JoJo, great idea. I hope lots of people cancel trips to Alaska. This is insane.

lindsay said...

You mean some of you were going to vote for McCain before you knew about his possible VP choice? If McCain is in favor of continuing the war in Iraq, of course he's not going to care if a bunch of wolves are slaughtered.