Monday, March 10, 2008

All About Collies

Great new blog.

"Tip Tail is about four smooth collies, two border collies, dog training, agility, flyball, and collie rescue. The human behind it all is me, Cynthia!"

"Disney left a life-long impression on me when, as a youngster, I viewed the dog pound scene in Lady and the Tramp. Mournful mutts howled out a pitiful rendition of “Home Sweet Home,” which nobody but the most callous could sit through dry-eyed. The pound was portrayed as a cruel place manned by heartless dog-catchers. I vowed never to step foot in one, not even to save the life of one of the rejected creatures. Adopting a pet under such sad conditions would certainly place a cloud over the day. Could I ever leave completely happy with the dog I chose, knowing that dozens were left behind in misery?"

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