Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If You Were A Dog

"If you were a pup, would you be a posh Poodle, a lovable Lab or another breed? Find out with our fast, fun new quiz!"

"It's an amazing thing - you can look at my dogs and watch me get older! Here is how it works. Our dear 100 pound black Lab, Otis, who passed away eight years ago at the age of 10, was just right for my family when we chose him to live with us as a young dog. He fit in perfectly - he was full of vim and vigor - and so were we. He and Ariel, my collie mix, were both big dogs and got along great. They both adored long walks, and Otis would have drowned if we had kept throwing sticks into the water for him to fetch as long as he wanted us to. They lived good long lives, and then we were dogless."

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alpha99wolf said...

I took the test. First I was a poodle. Then I was a German Shephard. I'm happy to possess both of these great animal qualities. It is amazing how much we tend to look and act like our dogs and vice versa through the years. They can understand us by one look, by eye contact, by our stature. We are so blessed to have these great companions to comfort us in our struggles. Great article and fun to find out what kind of dog we are.