Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pet Pictures

I visited Petlvr today and found this:

"These interesting pet related pictures were FWD’ed into my email INBOX the other day, with the subject “Beautiful Pictures”. If you know where they originated from, please drop me a note in the comments … as I haven’t seen them around the internet (yet!) In the meantime .. I think they are cute!"

I think they are fantastic! Take a look.

"Whether they hibernate, have thick fur coats or take shelter, animals are masters of surviving the cold weather. Here are a number of interesting animals and the fascinating things they do to survive harsh conditions."


alpha99wolf said...

Those animal pictures were adorable from the PetLvr site. Makes one stop and appreciate the true loving things in life. Very cute. The other article regarding hibernation was fascinating. Most don't realize that a polar bear is not white, but actually black with the white reflective outer hair. I can identify with most animals flocking to the warmth produced by humans. That's probably why my dogs love cuddling around us. I always thought it was reverse - that we humans were searching for their warmth. haha I love this Pet Rescuer Central site. It brightens my day & I learn so much.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks wolfie. I'm glad you like it here and thanks for all your comments. When Boo comes home I may let her do this blog for a while. LOL